Story of a Lifetime


Photos capture moments but they don't always capture the memory. How great would it be to hear the story from behind the photo from the people themselves. 

Having a real life interview of our loved ones, would give us an insight into their lives. These snippets of time are precious memories and don’t always come up in regular conversation.  These are the stories that we can capture on film for the present and our future generations to treasure.

Story of a Lifetime is your story,  your family’s story,  a story for generations to come.  Filmed and produced by us and told by you.


 Let us tell your story.  It’s your legacy.  It’s your Story of a Lifetime.


For Future Generations



The stress free process

With years of experience in the television industry, we know that everyone gets nervous when a camera is turned on.  We have the solution to this....

Before any filming takes place, we provide you our template of key highlights that you can read through in your own time. These key highlights are a guide to enable you to jot down memories and recollections from the past.  It's your story to tell so you are the story teller. 

When you're ready, we come to you in a setting of your choice. We highly recommend conducting the interview at your kitchen table, over a cup of tea.  This is proven to be a more relaxed setting.  A family member or friend guiding you through your key highlights is also encouraged. After all, who better to have a natter and laugh with about the past, than with someone you know. 

We want to make this a memorable experience, one that you are happy with.  Any hiccups or breaks in the interview can easily be edited out, so the end product, is a warm and heartfelt interview. 









Your story is our vision


Our equipment


We film and edit on High Definition broadcast industry equipment. This is all purpose built for high end production and produces beautiful pictures in full HD quality.

We have invested in our cameras and audio equipment because we want you to look and sound your best.