Magnolia Productions

Magnolia Productions is a New Zealand born and raised company founded by Mark and Nicola Sleeman. 

We are a small specialised production unit and we believe that some of the best things in this world come in small packages.

With over 25 years in broadcasting, we started Magnolia Productions because not everyone has the budget for a national television campaign. Online marketing in the form of YouTube, Facebook or a host of other web based platforms have now become the most effective way to get your message across.  

Magnolia Productions is a family based and focused business. Our new service, "Story of a Lifetime" is where you and your family can tell your life story. This is an exciting new venture and we are proud to offer this to you and your family.  Please read on.


Story of a Lifetime


Story of a Lifetime

Like all families, we experience the loss of loved ones in our lives.

Did we know them as well as we thought?  Have you ever attended a funeral service, heard their eulogy and said to yourself, “there was so much about them I didn't know!"  

We set up Magnolia Productions to give every Kiwi the opportunity to tell their story. Everyone has amazing moments, memories and family history to share. It's these stories we want to capture for you to pass on to your children, grandchildren and the generations to come. 

People who are facing a challenging future may also consider passing on their story.  

Illness can affect both the young and old at any stage of their life. In these difficult times, documenting one's personal journey and leaving messages for those left behind can be of great comfort.





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