Like all families, we experience the loss of loved ones in our lives.

And with that loss, is a loss of our own family history.

How much do we know about our own heritage?

Have you ever attended a funeral service, heard their eulogy and said to yourself, “there was so much about them I didn't know!" 

Photos capture moments but they don't always capture the memory. How great would it be to hear the story from behind the photo from the people themselves?

Everyone has amazing moments, memories and family history to share. Having a real life interview of our loved ones gives us an insight into their lives. These snippets of time are precious memories and don’t always come up in regular conversation. These are the stories that we capture on film for your family and future generations to treasure.

People who are facing a challenging future may also consider passing on their story. Illness can affect both the young and old at any stage of their life. In these difficult times, documenting one's personal journey and leaving messages for those left behind can be of great comfort.

Story of a Lifetime is your story, your family’s story....

Filmed and produced by us and told by you.


Let us help you tell your story

It’s your legacy

It’s your Story of a Lifetime




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